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Canon SX530 HS 9779B001 PowerShot
16.04.2017 17:35

Product Details

Effective 50x Optical Zoom (24–1200mm).Connect quickly using Wifi with NFC
Integral Wifi enables instant moving to compatible mobile phones of pictures and movie
Get stunning 1080p Full-HD movie having a specific video button
Big 3.0-inch LCD having a screen resolution of 461,000 facts allows viewing also from the wide angle

Item description
Product Description
If the great chance is close up or apparently outofreach, you will seize it beautifully because of the incredible 50x (24-1200mm) move power of the Rule Forces warm SX530 HS camera. Sophisticated methods and its comfortable ergonomic grip like Move Framework Aid and Smart IS are made to allow you to seize it with quality and correct focus, and monitor your topic quickly. The camera can also be designed with Brother's advanced wireless connection, therefore revealing movies and your magnificent pictures with friends, family along with other products is easy and smooth. The caliber of spectacular 1080p Full-HD movie and your still pictures can impress you, particularly in low light conditions, as a result of 16.0 Megapixel High- the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor as well as Awareness CMOS sensor, which produce the Canon HS PROGRAM.

In the Company
Share Faster, zoom Larger.
PowerShot SX530 HS
 Feel high-magnification firing is difficult? The camera can also be designed with Brother's advanced wireless connection, therefore revealing movies and your magnificent pictures with friends, family along with other products is easy and smooth. The caliber of spectacular 1080p Full-HD movie and your still pictures can impress you, particularly in low light conditions, as a result of 16.0 Megapixel* Large- the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor as well as Awareness CMOS sensor, which produce the Canon HS PROGRAM.

* Image processing could cause a reduction in the amount of pixels.

A-Zoom That Is Made To Impress
PowerShot SX530 HS
When you go through flexibility and the reach of the camerais amazing 50x Optical Zoom, you will wonder how you actually did without it. The powerful zoom enables you to seize the facts which make your photography stick out from sports to visit shows, wildlife to areas. Not just can you've the capability to move towards the precise chance in completely you need, but you will have the ability to catch these pictures with incredible Canon quality. The safe ergonomic grip of the camera makes constant handheld shooting cozy and simple, while the shooting condition is analyzed by Smart IS and applies the very best stabilization technology to preserve pictures practically and clear move-free in a broad selection of problems.

Intelligent IS
The most recent progress in Rule Optical Image Stabilization technology, Smart IS, applies the very best move correction way of the shooting situation and examines camera motion. From Regular IS, Panning IS, Macro (Cross) IS and Tripod settings, the machine chooses for photos. While shooting video, the machine chooses from Dynamic IS, Driven IS, Macro (Cross) IS and Energetic Tripod IS methods. With Smart IS, you are able to focus on image capture, allowing the camera take advantage efficient IS options to assist capture the steadiest possible picture.

Still Image Shooting
When shooting photos regular IS    Adjusts to get a wide selection of camera motion.
Panning IS    Panning action to ensure that IS doesn't hinder ideal camera movement is discovered.
Macro (Cross) IS    Adjusts for change-type camera move, which usually happens within the macro (close up) shooting.
While tripod use is discovered tripod, the Image Stabilizer is stopped since it isn't required.
Video Recording
Powerful IS    Efficient for movie shooting at wide angle focal lengths, removing the unwanted shaking that usually occurs while walking.
Powered IS    Pays for hand motion when capturing movie in the telephoto end of the focus range, where camera shake is increased.
Macro (Cross) IS    Adjusts for motion blur that's prone to happen when capturing video while walking. Furthermore, pays for that change-type camera shake widespread in macro shooting.
Link and Tell An Impression
PowerShot SX530 HS
Integral NFC (Nearfield Communication)
PowerShot cameras with integral NFC (Nearfield Communication) technology removes the requirement to personally discover and start the brand new Rule CameraWindow app* in your mobile device. Just contact the NFC image in your camera for your appropriate Androidâ„¢ device**, as well as the CameraWindow application can start immediately for fast, simple sharing of the photos. Integral NFC technology makes it more straightforward to install the application. The download screen will display when you contact the products together for that first-time when the application was not installed however. Today, NFC ensures creating a link with a suitable Android™ device* truly easy. Just contact the camera against an NFC-equipped system using the Canon CameraWindow app as well as the Wi-Fi® link is set up – no camera functions required. Even when your camera is down, NFC becomes the camera on and determines the bond (confirming the camera's nickname and privacy options prior to the first link is needed).

PowerShot SX530 HS
Integral Wi-Fi® makes sharing fast and simple
Integral Wi-Fi® technologies for on-the-get comfort when you wish to talk about movies and your pictures with family friends as well as the whole world. Quickly post your pictures to Google Drive™ and advertising websites – Facebook®, Twitter®, YouTube™, Flickr®, and social media – from your own PowerShot camera straight through CANON iMAGE GATEWAY***, or save them towards the online picture album to talk about anytime, anywhere. The camera may also link straight to each Android™ and iOS® devices*, and post pictures via the free Rule CameraWindow app* with no computer. You can manage the location of the submissions to selected teams or even to talk about with everybody, as well as add comments. Sharing video can also be easy with Wi-Fi® prepared PowerShot cameras, which file video utilizing the Easy To-share MP4 format. Enhanced Wi-Fi® makes publishing instantly possible, to help you keep up everybody to date with movie and pictures even while events occur.

PowerShot SX530 HS
Image Sync Function
Along with wirelessly transferring movies and pictures through CANON iMAGE GATEWAY*** for your computer, you can now see and obtain them from your own smartphone.**** Consider them everywhere, anytime, and use your smartphone procedures that are common to see and share them.

Using the integral Wi-Fi® about the PowerShot SX530 HS camera, you should use tablet** or your smartphone to manage the camera. Just connect wirelessly for access and your system the free Rule CameraWindow app*. Your system can display a live picture of a myriad of conditions, wildlife pictures and the camera's catch – ideal for a commemorative team picture. The camerais flexible 50x Optical Zoom, display, self timer, and shutter are with pictures being stored for your camera as usual, under your control.

The camerais committed Mobile Device Connect Switch provides you with one touch use of your compatible portable unit or computer (employing Picture Sync function). You may move pictures and movies to some computer on a single system, for your smartphone or pill for instant sharing. Pictures are delivered straight to it once the camera sees a connected computer on a single wireless system. Otherwise, pictures are temporarily located on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY*** subsequently moved once an association is created – very handy when you are out or on holiday for that time.

* Suitable For iOS versions 6.0/6.1/7.0/7.1/8.0/8.1, Android smartphone designs 2.3.3/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4 and Android pill versions 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4. This software helps allow you to add pictures to social network services. Before posting photos, please remember that picture files may include privacy-related data for example places and individuals. If required, please remove such information. Rule acquire doesn't acquire or use such pictures or any data contained in such photographs through this application.
** Suitable For Android products versions 4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4.
**** Using The download of the free Rule Online Scrapbook application. The pictures and saved and movies employing Picture Sync can be seen together with pill or your smartphone within thirty days.

Your One Stop Image Management Solution
The PowerShot SX530 HS camera is completely suitable for video storage system: the Rule Connect Stop CS100 and Brotheris completely new picture. Simply by going with NFC, pictures and movies are wirelessly used in the Link Stop CS100, where as much as 1TB of drive space (has got the convenience of about 150,000 pictures or roughly 70 hours of video information)* and easy choices make sure they are simple to shop, control and form by photos, day or product name. From there, pictures and movies could be viewed Entirely HD on an HDTV (via an HDMI cable), delivered to suitable wireless models, viewed/submitted/saved from smartphones and pills or computers, and distributed to other Link Channels and on social media sites.

 6.6MB for every picture with typical 32Mbps Total HD video.

Amazing Performance and beautiful Pictures Start Here
16.0 Megapixel* High-Awareness CMOS sensor
The PowerShot SX530 HS camera uses a 16.0 Megapixel* Large-Awareness CMOS sensor, which provides state-of-the-art imaging performance and it is optimized to be used in compact cameras. Employing a superior lighting-taking design, it offers high-sensitivity for enhanced high-iso catch with reduced noise. It's also a higher- rate style, with the capacity of moving image information towards the processor and quickly taking, enabling continuous shooting and faster autofocus.

* Image processing could cause a reduction in the amount of pixels.

The Canon DIGIC 4+ Image Processor forces the PowerShot SX530 HS camerais sophisticated features and abilities, including Hybrid Car, Innovative Chance, and Full-HD movie shooting at 30p. The accelerated processing rate of it's produces fast, sensitive performance, to get a shooting experience that is natural and easy. The DIGIC 4+ Image Processor improves picture quality in many ways. About 60% when compared with the DIGIC 4 Image Processor have reduced running of high-iso photographs. This dramatically reduces noise in lowlight also for smooth gradations amazing colour, and stunning aspect. The processor enables the integration of digital Dynamic IS. This sophisticated method pays for numerous movement types, effectively stopping angular change blur blur, and blur due to similar activity and tip. The end result is pictures which are easily obvious and sharp whatsoever measures of the powerful zoom of the camera. The extremely effective design of the processor extends battery life.

Canon HS PROGRAM helps provide exceptional low light performance
Canon PowerShot cameras provide you with the capacity to catch beautifully detailed, normally lit pictures also in low-light – lowering the requirement for the periodically unwanted consequences as well as display it provides. That is since the PowerShot SX530 HS camerais 16.0 Megapixel* Large-Awareness CMOS sensor works together with the DIGIC 4+ Image Processor to produce the Rule HS PROGRAM, especially engineered for stunning low light performance. In low lighting, you will encounter exceptional tracking efficiency also using the Rule HS PROGRAM, and obtain beautiful still picture quality at ISO increases to ISO 3200; stunning lowlight pictures are possible with maximum depth and minimum sound in shadow and spotlight areas.

Image processing could cause a reduction in numerous pixels.

Full HD Video
Beautiful HD video is yours through the remarkable zoom range of the camera and begins instantly having a hint of the specific video button. The PowerShot SX530 HS camera catches Full-HD movie at 30p (selectable for quality), for somewhat easy, realistic quality that's certainly in the home also on the big screen HDTV. Now you can report in a handy MP4 format for your simplest online sharing.

Easy Shooting, clear Viewing
3.0-inch High Res (461,000 dots) LCD
The big, 3.0-inch high resolution LCD display reviews your pictures and allows you to both body. An answer of 461,000 facts makes the tiniest details clear, and pictures are readable even from the wideangle, therefore showing others what you have taken is simple, too.

Move Framing Help With find improved automatic zoom and purpose
Using its 50x Optical contact, the PowerShot SX530 HS camera has got the telephoto reach to recapture matters an extended distance away. At maximum telephoto it may be difficult to monitor a moving subject. The Move Framing Aid find function makes it easier to make use of the powerful contact lens of the camera. Whenever you contain and push the Move Framework Help button, the camera can quickly move out to incorporate a larger perspective of view, helping you to easier find your moving subject. When you think it is, delivering the switch may cause the contact to come back to its unique move position, smartly maintaining the topic infocus before youare prepared to take and seize an ideal close up second. As the switch is pushed, having an animated aid body which makes viewing easy, you may also create move changes. The contact may go back to the adjusted zoom position once the switch is launched. With the Move Framework Aid Lock, the camera monitor a topic, smartly preserving them within the middle of the body and instantly can lock onto before youare prepared to seize an ideal close up shot.

Move Framing Support provides a find aid purpose that detects when you are planning (for example, to find the place of the soccerball) and immediately zooms out to assist; end planning, as well as the move results to its original position. Focus Framing Aid keeps your topic's experience the exact same dimension inside your body regardless of how they go. Touch the Move Framing Help function switch to identify the face of your subject. As increases and your topic excursions the camera zooms out and in so their experience stays the same size. It is particularly helpful for taking the words of quick-going children. The machine continues to be further improved by allowing you to pick the size of the issue: options range from entire body, upper body, the experience, guide or down for exceptional support and control. And, for much more comfort, all Move Surrounding Help features will also be available when shooting video.

Rethink Photography with Innovative Photo
Creative Photo function uses structure, color, and light from your own original image to produce distinctive pictures with the artistic flair
The Innovative Chance mode presented to the PowerShot SX530 HS camera might help anyone produce pictures with creative flair. Instead of randomly using filters, Innovative Chance function takes advantage of sophisticated Rule technologies to investigate topic the person picture and contact with use some of 46 filter options. Along with the initial photo, the camera saves and produces five additional versions of the structure. Filter options are grouped into Monochrome Retro, Unique and Organic groups to create simple and discovering the planet of creative photography fun, or just select Car to gain access to the entire selection of results. With Innovative Photo function, the end result is spectacular artistic pictures which are ideal for sharing.

Catch Pictures and Video Carefree with Sophisticated PowerShot Systems
Hybrid Auto
Hybrid Car documents upto four moments of movie each time you take a still picture, then immediately joins the videos and pictures* right into a movie that reflects the substance of specific times: holidays, critical events, or anytime you are capturing several pictures per day. Within this style, Hybrid Car optimizes camera adjustments to recapture optimum picture quality and instantly identifies the picture. The resulting 1080 HD movie is correctly sharp exposed and constant, so that your "highlight reel" is beautiful.

* Images could be withheld in the resulting movie via menu options.

Smart - Auto
Smart - Auto can be a superior Rule technology which makes obtaining that wonderful chance as easy as pushing the shutter button. It detects displays by evaluating different elements in both the topic and the history. The camera makes ideal adjustments to help assure the perfect image capture, whether you are capturing video or photos. With Smart-Auto, all you've got to complete is seize away and shape your chance.

Guide, You've total control of publicity, selecting aperture and shutter speed.
Aperture-Concern    You established the aperture, controlling depth-of-area. The camera selects the shutterspeed.
Shutter-concern the camera sees the right aperture, as well as you decide on motion to prevent or cloud. With gradual exposure times, Brother's noise reduction program triggers to make sure minimal image noise.
Exposure compensation functions advanced while shooting automatically.
Live Shade View Handle    Allows Lighting, and Tone changes for your pictures using Easy To-understand controls.
Hybrid Car    Instantly chooses shooting options for maximum quality and documents a on each time you seize a still image. One-dayis value of videos is then mixed in to a single movie.
Smart - Auto    The camera selects the very best shooting options for maximum quality-based on environmental aspects and topics to supply level-and-shoot simplicity.
Creative Chance applies numerous innovative filters to instantly produce five variations along with the initial image and Examines the picture.
Face    The camera sets a big aperture, blurring the backdrop to create your topic “pop” and creatively concentrating on the topic.
Smart Shutter    The camera quickly takes the picture when people laugh, enter body, or wink.
High speed Burst    Catches quick motion frame-by-frame, as the shutter button is held down by firing constantly in a high speed.
Low-Light    For top quality image record within an incredible selection of candle lit situations.
Creative Filters    This environment offers quick access to picture modes and unique filter results, for example Poster Impact Toy Camera Impact, Monochrome and much more.
Fisheye Impact    Put in A traditional picture distortion with no fisheye lens.
Small Impact for Stills & Movies Highlights views to get a small result by blurring top and lower parts of the image.
Toy Camera Impact    Mimics pictures taken with "doll" or pinhole cameras, darkening the picture in the sides to produce a vignette effect.
Monochrome    select from three simple-tone results: Black-and-White, Sepia, or Orange.
Existing shades intensifie, flooding the picture with bright colors.
Poster Impact    Poster Impact includes many related tones into one-color, transforming delicate gradations into eye-catching picture, -taking contrasts.
Snow scenes clear without an unnatural bluish tint or dark subjects.
 Unwanted scenes could be removed in playback mode.
Real results can vary from examples.
The ultimate image can vary based on image composition.

Additional Features
High speed AF
 Brother's advanced AF defines a substantial upsurge in pace to get a shooting experience that is natural and spontaneous. The extremely sensitive Highspeed AF enables you to catch good pictures because they occur, with reduced lag time.Several design discoveries led for this key improvement to rate. Along with increased AF methods, the camera takes advantage of the start of shooting as well as altered settings between AF and can process multiple sequences concurrently.


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